Dung Hill Press- Contacts

Graeme Stevenson

A lifetime with his hands in the soil!

Ph 6435 1319, or info@dunghillpress.com

Tom O'Malley

Cradle Coast NRM. Tom is specialising in earthworms, especially the supply of Aporrectodea longa.


Andrew Doube

Andrew's developing expertise is in the new species of dung beetle.


Publications available from Dunghill Press

  • Ruminations of a Poo-ologist. Dung Beetles in Tasmania (100 page book).
  • Earthworms in Tasmanian Agriculture (18 page booklet).
  • The Black Headed Earthworm, Deep digger and top soil creator (18 page booklet).
  • Ahead of Their Time. A History of the Organic Gardening and Farming Society of Tasmania (112 page book).
  • DVD: Organic Gardening Magazine (a copy of all 74 magazines, over 2,500 pages plus index)
  • Chemical-free Roundworm Management in Cattle (18 page booklet).